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hamilton nj stone landscaping applications

Utilize Stone For Both Creativity and Durability

Stone is a material that is very versitile for landscaping. Because it is available in many different shapes, sizes and colors, it can be used for a wide variety of applications. Stone works great for creating distinctive manual edging for plant and flower beds, and can also be used to help direct drainage or as fill for areas where a more durable material than mulch or dirt would be the best solution.

hamilton nj landscaping stone applications
stone landscape installation

Our Landscape Stone Services

Not only can we create a unique landscaping stone installation for you, we also provide maintenance services. Our landscape stone services include:

  • Edge all existing flower beds and trees with a distinctive manual edge
  • Remove all weeds from stone bed or edged area
  • Spread a fresh layer of stone over existing beds and trees
  • Install premium commercial grade fabric

A Great Landscape Stone Installation is Just a Call Away

We're specialists in helping you determine if landscaping stone is the right choice for your application. Call/text us at 609-249-5610 to speak to one of our technicians to arrange installation or maintenance service today!

Our Service Areas

Our landscape stone installation, maintenance services and more are available throughout Mercer County, including: Hamilton Twp., Hamilton Square, Mercerville, Groveville, Yardville, Robbinsville, Bordentown, Lawrence Twp., Lawrenceville, Princeton, Princeton Jct

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