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Sod Installation and Seeding

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High Quality Lawns, Quickly and Affordably

We specialize in sod installation for both new construction and existing landscapes. Our experienced team can help you to decide which sod or grass type is best for your needs or preferences. Sod often takes up the most visual space within a landscape, so we make sure that the installation of your is done correctly.

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Our Sod Installation Process

First, we make sure that all of the old lawn and weeds from the area are dead and removed. Then, we prepare the soil and make sure it is fertilized and ready for the sod. Next, we make sure the sod is laid properly and cut as needed to conform to curved boundaries and planters. Last, we roll the sod to ensure a good contact between the sod and native soil. Afterwards, we offer our professional advice on the proper watering and mowing of your new lawn.

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Is Sod the Best Solution For Me?

Part of the beauty of sod installation is that it happens very fast. Most applications go from bare dirt to fancy lawn in a day. You can plant anytime, weather permitting. If you need grass fast, sod installation may be your best choice

The Seeding Advantage

If you need grass for a large property, and your situation is not time sensitive, then seeding has one big advantage over sod: lower cost. Savings are proportional to lawn size: the bigger the lawn, the greater the savings. Seed also gives you more choices in grass variety.

We Can Help You Make the Best Choice

By calling/texting us at 609-249-5610 you'll be able to speak with an experienced team member who can help you determine whether seed or sod would be the lest solution for your lawn, and can schedule an appointment for service. If you know the amount of square feet or acreage for the application we'll be able to give a very accurate estimate. You may also contact us using our online estimate request form.

Our Service Areas

Sod installation, seeding and our full array of landscape maintenance services is available throughout Mercer County, including: Hamilton Twp., Hamilton Square, Mercerville, Groveville, Yardville, Robbinsville, Bordentown, Lawrence Twp., Lawrenceville, Princeton, Princeton Jct